Anathema is a love-letter to classic action-platformer series' such as Castlevania, Mega Man X, Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts 'n Goblins. Presented in HD using modern technology to pre-render sprites as seen in the mid-90's with games such as Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong Country. Players will fight through 12 stages of a highly detailed world that is out to destroy them. Enemies will be varied, powerups will be plentiful, bosses will be challenging and the controls will be tight.

Development officially began in October 2014 as a personal project to fill the void of classic Castlevania titles.  As development progressed and interest grew in the title, it was decided to place Anathema on Steam Greenlight for voting.  After successfully becoming greenlit, it was decided that Anathema has the potential to stand on its own legs with more to offer than a standard Castlevania clone.  The revamp began in May of 2015 with much more thorough planning and optimization in mind.  Esperware Interactive released the free demo on July 15th, 2017.


Esperware Interactive

Based in Birmingham, Alabama






Green Man Gaming/PC

Humble Bundle/PC

Direct PC




  • Run, double-jump, slide, climb walls and swing across chasms. Players have an extremely agile list of abilities to maneuver and explore environments.


  • Explore a variety of levels ranging from haunted graveyards, living swamps, creaking shipwrecks, inner beasts and more. Each area brings new themes, challenges, enemies and threats.


  • Motion comic styled cutscenes after each level to tell the story of Aurora and her quest with full voice acting.


  • Permanently increase your maximum stats and abilities by exploring stages for powerups, relics, tomes and other secrets.


  • Unleash an arsenal of abilities. Players can incinerate, mince, slash, blast and crush enemies in a variety of manners using various subweapons and special abilities. Players can also temporarily increase their stats to empower their attacks to even resurrect themselves should they die.

  • A high quality original score will sweep you through the world, story and characters. 



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Design, Programming, Story, Sound, Testing, UI, UX, Level Design, Artist, Animator, Cutscenes, Creative Director


Music, Design, Story, Writer, Testing


Story, Cutscenes, Writer


  • "A very stylish love letter to classic action platformers well worth checking out."
    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer


"Can I stream/upload Let's Play videos of Anathema?"​

Yes!  We actively encourage all streamers and Let's Players to please showcase your work.  In fact, please send us the links to your videos at so we can watch them!

"Can you supply Steam key(s) to me for YouTube/Twitch videos?"​

Possibly, with conditions.  Unfortunately, there is a large black market where people pretend to be writer/promoters/streamers/YouTubers and request keys for themselves and their audience as a giveaway, then resell them on websites to collect all the profits.  We are more than happy to supply keys to a writer/promoter/streamer/YouTuber that we feel confident in distributing a key to.  As such, we have instituted the following requirements for key requests.


Please send all requests for Steam Keys to one of the following FROM your YouTube/Twitch channel:



If you represent a press outlet, please e-mail us directly from your company e-mail instead of free e-mail service such as G-Mail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

If you use another service besides the above listed, please e-mail us at and let us know what platform you use so we can find a way to verify authenticity before providing keys.

Please note:  Requests for keys for YouTube and/or Twitch purposes that are e-mailed to us are typically ignored and we reserve the right to deny key requests.